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NZY Bacterial Cell Lysis Buffer

Marka : NZYTech

Katalog No : MB178
NZY Bacterial Cell Lysis Buffer is an innovative product developed at NZYTech for the gentle disruption of Escherichia coli cell wall, generating a homogeneous cell-free extract. It provides a rapid and cost-effective alternative to harsh chemicals or mechanical procedures, such as French Press or sonication, for releasing recombinant and native proteins without denaturation. This extraction reagent is a Tris-buffered formulation (pH 7.5) with lysozyme and DNase I provided separately. The addition of these enzymes allows a most efficient extraction. However for some over-expressed proteins and particular E. coli strains the addition of lysozyme may not be required. Please consider that the presence of lysozyme and DNase I might interfere with some downstream applications (in these situations, do not add the enzymes).
Additional components, such as protease inhibitors, salts, reducing agents and chelating agents (not provided), may be added to the lysate obtained using the NZY Bacterial Cell Lysis Buffer, depending on the particular application. Note that chelating agents should not be added to the lysate in the presence of lysozyme and DNase I.
Shipping conditions:
NZY Bacterial Cell Lysis Buffer, Lysozyme and DNase I are shipped at room temperature to 4 °C.
Storage conditions:
Store NZY Bacterial Cell Lysis at room temperature and lysozyme and DNase I at -20 °C in a freezer without defrost cycles.
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