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Atlas Biotechnologies Lab Tracking System Coming Soon

Atlas Biotech programmers are working on a software that can ease your job at lab. With this software, suppliers, materials, experiments and staff records can be stored and with its advanced reporting option all these records can be viewed and printed easily.

Suppliers records

Using suppliers records, you can see all your suppliers in one window, search through them and you can get information about whom, when and how many items you have bought easily in electronic environment.

Materials records

Using materials records, you can check out the number of materials at your lab anytime and you'll never lose track of missing materials. Also, you can learn when and how many materials you have bought directly.

Experiments records

Your lab experiments will be easily organized in electronic environment with experiments records and anytime you can view experiment details to learn methods, materials used in the experiments and results of the experiments.

Staff records

Staff records provide which staff has done which experiment and used what materials and depending on them you can learn staff performans.


Apart from reports of all records, with financial reporting you can track your lab economy easily.

Coming soon

Atlas Biotechnologies Lab Tracking System is coming soon and will be announced on our web site and social media addresses.

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