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Brief History of Biotechnology

Biotechnology has drawn a lot of attention recently, you can hear the word everywhere. In print media, electronic media, meetings, conferences people from different areas gather and discuss biotechnology. As time passes, biotechnology is getting more and more into our lives and it is possible that every aspects of our lives can be determined by biotechnology. Biotechnology has contributed to our lives in different ways from food, health to animal life. It has unlimited potential to benefit us. Therefore, it’s not surprising that everybody talks about it. 
It’s important to know where to start and what to start with for biotechnology. Usually, biotechnology uses living materials or biological products to create new products in many ways, for example production of recombinant proteins, resistant crops, vegetables, higher milk producing animals.
Synthetic insulin crystals synthesized using recombinant DNA technology from Wikipedia
It’s known history of development starts with fermentation and later domestication of plants, genetics, vaccine & antibiotics, DNA structure, monoclonal antibody, PCR, transgenics, cloning and human genome project follow fermentations an all make up the history of biotechnological development.
Knowing the history and potential of biotechnology, Atlas Biotechnologies aims at bringing this potential to Turkey in many cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Tokat, Sivas, zmir, Antalya, Bingöl and many more! Also, Atlas Biotech conducts studies for producing new solutions for the unsolved problems of today in its research lab in Ankara, Turkey.
Adapted from Biotechnology in the Realm of History, PubMed
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