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About Us


Our company founded in Tokat-Sivas-Yozgat cities for bussiness activity with young, dynamic and expert staff is working on molecular biology, genetics,diagnostic and research fields since 2012.

Atlas Biotechnologies has bussiness activity as a region agancy of Life Technologies Co. (Applied Biosystems & Invitrogen Co.) which is a very referance mark in global market on the fields such as Molecular biology,genetics,cell culture, western blot, flow cytometer.

Since it has founded, with Selling-marketing, application and technical services groups we serve to all the home market fore universities and research centers.

Atlas Biotechnogies is always by your side  with its technic staff to make able to applicate molecular biology technics via demo studies in R&D activities.


Micro Counter 1000
With Next Generation Cell Counter Device Simple Counter, Your Job is Much Simpler
Real-Time PCR
Applied Biosystems® VIIA 7 Real-Time PCR Sistemi - 96 Well
Flow Cytometers
Flow Cytometers & Accessories